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I’m an Irish author based in Meath and write romances featuring damaged, moody, book boyfriends searching for their happily ever after. I also work as a freelance proofreader so if you need help with your book, click the Cooper Publishing logo below and I'll get back to you.


I have five book series on the go, with loads more planned. 


The award-winning Nomad Series (cyborg science fiction) follows Gryffin - the fearsome cyborg commander of the Nomad battleship, Ares. In rescuing an enemy officer, he reveals his true identity, bringing him to the attention of his creators. Now hunted, he must defend his life, freedom, and newfound love. 

The Broken Chords series is a dark romance based in Ireland and follows a local rock band as they battle their personal demons to find love. 

The Blackjacks series follows the adventures of an elite group of vampires defending mixed-race civilians from the unforgiving pure-bred hierarchy intent on purifying the race.

My new Twisted Legends series is a bit different as the main characters are Santa, the Boogeyman, Jack Frost etc. 

The Stone Wolf (wolf shifter) series is a spin-off of the Blackjacks series and will be out in 2024.

I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to contact me :)

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