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She doesn’t believe in Santa. He’s crash-landed her alone time. When a rival comes for his head, can their naughty and nice passion survive?

Scarlett O’Neill is no fan of Christmas. Shouldering a heartbreaking past and a string of failed relationships, the easy-going woman is looking forward to spending Christmas in her grandparents’ isolated cabin with a few good books. But just as she’s settling in, a loud bang sends her racing into a storm to discover wreckage and a strangely dressed handsome stranger lying unconscious in the snow.


Nick takes his job seriously. Under contract as Santa and duty-bound to combat legendary threats, the forty-one-year-old refuses to commit to anyone—not even the bubbly cutie who pulled him in from the cold. Yet with his magic growing weaker and a mysterious assassin hot on his tail, he reluctantly turns to the vibrant woman for help. 


Unfazed by his true identity, Scarlett readily jumps in to help get Nick home in time for Christmas. But there are others who will stop at nothing to stop that from happening. And while Nick is drawn to Scarlett, he fears surrendering to his yearning will paint a deadly target on her back.


Will their sizzling chemistry help defeat demons intent on putting an end to Santa and his team for good?


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