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Lead singer Tate Archer is finally back in control of his life after his time in rehab last year. Things are going well, especially with his girlfriend, Chloe. However, a sudden reminder of his past brings his world crashing down, followed by a life changing revelation from Chloe. Can he hold it together or will his addiction take hold of him again?

Gregg is still struggling after being kidnapped and almost drowning. He’s trying to pretend everything is okay, in spite of the terrifying nightmares, and crippling fear of water. Can Bria and his band mates help to break this nightmare cycle for him?

Luke finally marries his true love, Pippa, and settles down to start his happily ever after. But things are not as they seem, and very quickly take a sinister turn.

Dillon, still struggling with his past, is heartbroken when he loses someone he loves. As usual, his emotions play out in anger, with actions that have serious consequences for his future.

Is this the end of the dream? The end for Broken Chords or can these friends pull together to help each other while dealing with their own individual traumas?


Out  Now

Photographer: Kruse Images
Model: Jonny James
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