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2022-1421 K.A. Finn b05.jpg
Model: Eric Lamb
Photographer : CJC Photography





Struggling with the wreckage of his own life, bassist Dillon Ryan hits rock bottom, his only solace found in the familiar haze of drink, drugs, and meaningless one-night stands. Little does he know, fate has a different tune in mind.

Photographer Ashling Hughes, Dillon's long-lost flame from a decade past, re-enters his chaotic world when tasked with capturing the band's ten-year tour. The reunion sparks a storm of emotions, and Dillon's desperate attempts to cope lead him further into the abyss of addiction.

Ashling, haunted by her own secrets, never anticipated being thrust back into Dillon's tumultuous life. Yet, as their worlds collide, she must confront his seething anger and wrestle with her hidden truths, fearful of the devastation they could unleash.

Amid the chaos, a dark secret from Dillon's past resurfaces, shattering what remains of his world. Struggling to cling to the fragments of his life, Dillon spirals into a pit of despair. When he hits a new low, Ashling emerges as an unexpected anchor, offering a lifeline through the storm.

As they navigate the treacherous waters of their relationship, Ashling holds onto a secret that could forever alter Dillon's fate. Can love survive the clash of their tumultuous pasts, or will the revelation of hidden truths obliterate the fragile threads holding their world together?

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