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Twenty-five years ago, two futures were changed.


Gryffin uses his unwanted cybernetics to make the Nomad a group you fear. They travel the Outer Sector, taking what they want until they encounter an enemy. He’s forced to do something he never thought possible – protect the very people he was intent on harming. Soon, those who were once friends can no longer be trusted and Gryffin’s authority as Captain of Ares is questioned.


Brayden is in hell, accepting he’ll die on the moon keeping him prisoner, his years there leaving scars, both hidden and visible. Resigned to his fate, he’s given a chance at salvation, but there’s a catch. Destroy the cyborg project once and for all by hunting down the sole survivor.


What happens when these brothers prepare to go face to face for the first time in nearly two decades? Will their bond be stronger than those they’ve forged while apart or could the truth destroy them both?


Mania follows them as they fight their own demons and strive to find who they were always meant to be.

Mania (Nomad Series Book 5)

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