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When they realised who he was…

…The Foundation wanted him back.

Will Terra betray the man who saved her?

For twenty years, Gryffin, a man who was given cybernetics as a child, hid. All the other children had died. Now, as the leader of the Nomad, he captains the largest pirate ship in the fleet. Everything changed when he spotted her on the rundown space station.

Terra was in trouble.

Was rescuing her a mistake?

Officer Terra Rush believed in her duty to the Foundation. The Sector needed to be prepared for colonization, and nothing could stop her from doing her job...except him. She will need to make a choice.

Follow her orders…

…or follow her heart.

The Foundation would stop at nothing to erase the last vestige of their project. The truth must never get out. They tried to transform human children into hybrid cyborgs - half human, half machine. If they had succeeded, the soldiers would be perfect killing machines.

Now they must get Gryffin - dead or alive.

Ares (Nomad Series Book 1)

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