Trapped far from his ship and crew in the last place he wants to be…Earth.

On a mission to stop the Foundation from creating an army of cyborgs, wanted felon Brayden Sawyer is trapped far from his ship and crew in the last place he wants to be…Earth. With the Foundation hot on his heels, Bray must ask his family for refuge—a family who always preferred his brother Gryffin over him and kicked him out of their lives a decade ago.


When his family rejects him a second time, Bray wonders if saving Gryffin—and completing his mission—is worth it. All his life, he’s been second best to his brother, a brother he never really knew. But turning his back on Gryffin is out of the question and he won ‘t let the Foundation do to others what they’ve already done to him and Gryffin.


Breaking into Foundation headquarters, Bray comes face to face with the horrible truth about his brother’s cyborg enhancements as well as his own modifications. And that’s not all…the Foundation is set to destroy a planet of innocent people, using Gryffin as their number one weapon.


With time running out, Bray must finish what he started. Together with Garvan and his family, Bray must escape Earth with the necessary technology to save Gryffin and stop the Foundation’s evil plans. But can one man stand against the all-powerful and tyrannical Foundation? If Bray can save Gryffin, he may just have a fighting chance.

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Audiobook excerpt (narrated by Keith Michaelson) - click below


 " 5 stars" Another nail biting experience!

By Angela on January 28, 2017

On the edge of my seat again! I am a very fast reader, but took Perses real slow in the hopes that it wouldn't come to an end! I loved the development of Bray and Garvan's characters, their vulnerability and their courage. The introduction of Morgan and Erin brought a fragile, human element to the fore of this cyborg science fiction, a reminder that all life started on Earth. Cannot wait for the next book.Huge congratulations. I love your creativity and imagination.

"5 stars" Bray & Garvan Vacation to Earth... Wait Thats Not It

By AudibleAddiction on June 13, 2017

Format: Audio

Perses picks up right where Nemesis leaves off with Bray and Garvan being trapped aboard the Foundation ship, Alpha. Once landed on earth, they manage to escape the ship and the area around it by unconventional, but fitting for a Hunter, means. Bray turns to the only family he has left on earth for shelter, his uncle Morgan and cousin Erin but Bray didn’t leave on the best terms and it turns out his family thinks he is dead.

Bray hated to leave Alpha without gathering the information he needed about the cyborg experiments but he knew it would have been suicide to take on the task with only Garvan by his side and no plan. Plus there is the problem of how to get off earth and back to the outer sector... As the story unfolds, we learn a lot about Bray’s past and even a little about our friend Garvan.

As usual, K.A. Finn’s writing is excellent! I get so engrossed in the story that I could get lost in it and forget all about my obligations. Perses is relatively short compared to Ares and Nemesis but it’s fitting for the events that occur in the story.

I truly believe that this series is best enjoyed in audio format. Keith Michaelson delivers another stellar performance and brings the story to life.

At the end of the audiobook we get a short excerpt from the next book but its just a big tease. I absolutely cannot wait until the next book is released!