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Coming July 2022

Irish rockstar Gregg Egan is new to the celebrity lifestyle. As the latest member of the band, he’s still finding his feet. Being secretly in love with his lead singer’s younger sister, isn’t helping. For the sake of the band and his friendship she has to remain off limits


Bria Archer grew up surrounded by the members of the band. She never expected to develop feelings for the drummer. Especially when he’s her brother’s best friend. When her life takes an unexpected turn, he’s there to help her pick up the pieces.


But someone finds out about their secret. Someone intent on keeping Gregg and Bria apart no matter the cost. Their stalker knows far too much about them. Knows things Gregg has kept to himself for years. Things he doesn’t want the public to know about.


With the pressure mounting and too much to lose, Gregg and Bria have to make a decision about their relationship before it tears the band, their friendships, and their lives apart.

Photograph: Shutterstock
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