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Irish rockstar Gregg Egan is new to the celebrity lifestyle. As the latest member of the band, he’s still finding his feet. Being secretly in love with his lead singer’s younger sister, isn’t helping. For the sake of the band and his friendship she has to remain off limits


Bria Archer grew up surrounded by the members of the band. She never expected to develop feelings for the drummer. Especially when he’s her brother’s best friend. When her life takes an unexpected turn, he’s there to help her pick up the pieces.


But someone finds out about their secret. Someone intent on keeping Gregg and Bria apart no matter the cost. Their stalker knows far too much about them. Knows things Gregg has kept to himself for years. Things he doesn’t want the public to know about.


With the pressure mounting and too much to lose, Gregg and Bria have to make a decision about their relationship before it tears the band, their friendships, and their lives apart.

Photograph: Shutterstock

Fractured Rock Playlist

All in – Lifehouse

Bring Me Back to Life – HT Bristol

Call You Mine – Daughtry

Calm The Storm – Spoken

Cry For Help – Daughtry

Demons at the Door – Sleeping Wolf

Digital Light – Daytime TV

Dust and Gold – Arrows to Athens

Fears – Twin Wild

Haunted – Acacia Ridge

Lonely Bones – The Honest Heart Collective

My Escape – Ravenscode

Only Place I Call Home – Every Avenue

Paper Heart – Hunter & The Bear

Passing Ships – Throw The Fight

Pause – Safety Suit

Shallow (Acoustic) – Tyler Ward & Madysyn

(I wanted a guitar version of the above song hence the cover)

Skin Tight – Hunter & The Bear

Somebody – Daughtry

Stay A While – Cemetery Sun

Stay with Me – FoleX, OMZ

These Days – Take That

(if you’ve read the book you’ll know why Take That had to be listed)

You – Nathan Wagner

Unlike my science fiction series, all the locations in this book are real. I grew up in Ireland and spent a lot of time in the same places as Gregg and Bria and sampled the same chicken and chips!


If you’d like to check out the locations Gregg and Bria visit, you can click on the button below and it will take you to a map with details of each place. 

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