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Irish rockstar Luke Daly has been beaten, broken, traumatised, and terrorised both mentally & physically, by the person he thought loved him, as much as he loved her. Pippa had almost destroyed him. Being back in the band has helped, but he is still battling the demons, and reliving the nightmares. Will he ever have a normal life again? What is normal? How does he move on and learn to trust anyone again? Ever feel happy again? Love again?


Maeve Doyle is strong, feisty, takes no nonsense, speaks her mind, and is very much her own person. She is also warm, caring, selfless, thoughtful, and full of fun. And so easy to be with. She is the total opposite of anyone else he has ever known. And her life is so different from anything he has ever experienced. But, he feels safe with her.

Can she heal this broken man? Is he brave enough to let her into his life? Can she gain his trust and help him love again, or will his ex-wife put an end to any chance of rebuilding his life?

Photographer: Kruse Images
Model: Lance Jones

Crushed Rock Playlist

World So Cold– 12 Stones

The Permanent Rain – The Dangerous Summer (Luke’s Song)

Not Alone – Red

Paino Song – The Mile After

Second Chance – Shinedown

The Phoenix – Like A Storm

Broken Heart – Escape the Fate

Until the End (Acoustic) – Quietdrive

Fears – Twin Wild

Call You Mine – Daughtry

Always December – Citizen Soldier

Would Anyone Care – Citizen Soldier

If I Surrender – Citizen Soldier

Hope – Nathan Wagner

I Met a Girl – Nathan Wagner

Wanted– Citizen Soldier

Tired Of You – The Exies

Still Alive – Ashley Wallbridge, Evan Henzi

Saving Light (Acoustic) – HALIENE

Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard

You Broke Me First – Conor Maynard

Grenade – Boyce Avenue

Easy’s Never Been This Hard – Citizen Soldier

Never Really Loved Me – Kygo, Dean Lewis

Chances – Backstreet Boys

Wreckage – Nate Smith

What You Like – Darren Hayes

The Best Part of Letting Go – The Dangerous Summer

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