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2020-1449 K.A. Finn b06.jpg
Cover design : Deranged Doctor Design

Bray is trapped on Earth…


…and the man Terra loves is dying.


Can she save them both?


Their ship, Ares, the largest of the Nomad fleet, was home. With a crew of thirty, they were well suited for any mercenary jobs that came along. It isn’t a bad life, but still Terra struggles with what her father did to Gryffin. He never wanted to be a cyborg.


And that’s not the worst part.


The technology in Gryffin is failing.


As Captain of Ares and leader of the Nomad, Gryffin sees their world in black and white. What was done to him was wrong, and that’s why he has one mission. End the project that genetically engineered children and get his revenge. There’s just one problem…


The Foundation knows he is coming.


With the fleet scattered throughout the Outer Sector, Gryffin puts his plan into action, calling in favours from old friends to help. But with time and his implants working against him, will everything come together before the clock runs out?


Tough choices must be made.

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