Chaos - Nomad Series Book 4

Coming 2020
Cover reveal soon...
Before a Nomad and a Hunter, they were just two ordinary brothers...

Two brothers, Daegan and Brayden, think they have their lives figured out.  But when Daegan leaves for a school trip, everything changes, sending each brother on a path he never imagined.


All Brayden knows is that his brother is dead.  Dealing with the loss of the most important person in his life puts Brayden on a road to self-destruction.  With no home, no family, and ultimately no future, he's arrested and sentenced to death at Tyrat Prison.  Brayden Sawyer's life is over.


Or is it?


Waking up in hell, Daegen is the latest recruit of the cyborg project.  With no memories of his life before the sinister project, all Daegen wants is to escape his tortured life.  Daegen finds salvation with the Nomad aboard their battleship., Ares.  There, he becomes Gryffin, forging a reputation for himself.  Now, he's determined to protect his crew from his creators before it's too late - for Gryffin and the Sector. Gryffin's life has just begun.


Or has it?  


Strap in as the two brothers conquer their demons, go head-to-head against their enemies, and ultimately prepare for their biggest battle - against each other. 


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© 2020 by Karyn Finnegan