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Cover design : Deranged Doctor Design

Phoenix is old. Too damn old to still be alone. But when you’re the leader of the Blackjacks, a group of mixed-blood vampire fighters, a happily ever after comes a very distant second to survival. The True Order is determined to wipe them out and she’s going to make sure that doesn’t happen. Seven Blackjacks against an unknown number of pure-blood’s - the odds aren’t in their favour 

Then he was taken and it was six…

Court was the one fighter she let in, the one she broke her own rules with, the one she shared her bed with, the one she gave her heart to. When he vanished without a trace, he took a piece of her with him. Three years later he’s back from the dead, but it’s not the reunion she dreamt of. Court doesn’t recognise her, doesn’t recognise any of the vampires he lived with, fought with, bled with. The hole in his memory has consumed their life together as if it never happened. 

Nix must push her personal feelings aside as the enemy seems hot on Court’s heels, desperate to get to him before his memory resurfaces. The Blackjacks need her head in the game instead of mourning a relationship no one remembers… except her. This is bigger than her feelings for Court. He wasn’t the only one taken. Others have disappeared and most haven’t returned. Someone is trying to purify the race and Court is the key that could bring about the end - not just of the Blackjacks, but of all mixed-blood vampires.

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