Breaking Phoenix

Blackjacks Book 1

Coming early 2021


Phoenix is too damn old to be alone, though that’s exactly what she is. As the Blackjacks’ leader, a happily ever after isn’t as important as surviving. The True Order is determined to wipe them all out, but she’s doing everything she can to make sure that doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, with seven against an unknown number of pure-bloods, the odds aren’t really in their favour.


Then they were down to six…


Court was the one she let in, breaking her own rules to be with him. When he vanished, he took her heart with him. Three years later, he’s back. Unfortunately, it’s not the reunion she dreamt of. He doesn’t recognize her nor the others. The hole in his memory consumed their life together as if it never happened.


Nix must push her personal feelings aside as the enemy draws closer, desperate to stop his past from returning. Her people need her head in the game, not mourning a relationship only she remembers. Bigger things are at stake as more were taken and the majority haven’t resurfaced. Someone wants to purify the race and Court is the key that could bring about the end - not just of the Blackjacks, but of all mixed-blood vampires.

© Karyn Finnegan


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