K.A. Finn - Science Fiction (Space Opera) Author

​He wasn't expected to survive, and for 20 years, he has managed to stay off their radar. Until now. Until her.

Gryffin was the sole survivor of The Foundation's experimental project to transform human children into hybrid cyborgs - half human, half machine. The program failed and he was sent on a one way trip into The Outer Sector where he was left for dead. He has survived for 20 years by suppressing his human emotions and embracing his machine side.

Officer Terra Rush believes in her duty to the Foundation. The Sector needs to be prepared for colonization, and nothing can stop her from doing her job... except him. When Gryffin saves her from an attack, Terra uncovers a terrible secret. The Foundation has been lying to her... and maybe they still are.

They have labelled Gryffin a killing machine, yet he acts more human than many of The Foundation's leaders. He has awakened intense feelings in Terra that throw her loyalties into question, and even though he pushes her away, she is determined to find out the truth about the cyborg program.

Gryffin refuses to be a mindless soldier, yet escaping The Foundation's control and stopping the colonization of his home will require Terra's help. Can Gryffin overcome the machine inside and trust her? Or will getting in touch with his human emotions destroy him once and for all?

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"5 stars" - Readers' Favorite (audio version)

Ares (Nomad, Book 1) by K.A. Finn is a well-produced audio book that was easy to enjoy. I quickly found myself falling in love with Gryffin’s ability to be both human and machine; the battle between his two halves made him a very interesting character that held my attention for the duration of the audio book. My favorite scene was the first meeting between Gryffin and Terra; I loved the way he saved her and then she helped him remove the bullet from his chest. The narrator of this audio book was Keith Michaelson. Mr. Michaelson is an accomplished voice actor who has narrated many audio books including, but not limited to Veritas Morte: A Science Fiction Novella, The Crystal Bridge: The Lost Shards, Volume 1, and Uncommon Purpose: The Hope Island Chronicles, Book 1. Mr. Michaelson's expertise in doing the voices for different characters really showed in his voice acting for Gryffin and Terra. I felt that his voicing of Gryffin really pulled me in with how he changed his voice based on Gryffin’s emotions and mental state. Overall, I really enjoyed this audio book and I cannot wait to listen to book two.

"5 stars" - Readers' Favorite

A great sci-fi that kept me entertained, this is a novel that makes you want to read more.The story unfolds in the best possible manner and the characters are well developed. It was a joy to read. Kudos to K.A. Finn for writing such a great novel.

"5 stars" - AudibleAddiction

I was glued to my Audible App for this one!

"5 stars" - TOP 500 REVIEWER

I am a sci fi fan and love the possibilities within the genre as there is so much that can be done with space travel, cyborgs, science, you name it. Author KA Finn has written a very unique and enjoyable story with "Ares" and I so hope that that this will be a continuing series. This was a very well written and well paced story that brought together two interesting characters and built up a very intense conflict. Great read.