New covers are LIVE!

April 5, 2018

I'm so pleased with the look of the new covers. I spent a lot of time searching for the best cover designers to work with and found Deranged Doctor Designs. After looking at their portfolio I was hooked. 


Amazon and Audible have been updated so (fingers crossed) only the new covers are now available.

 I'm still working on Book 4 and another book about Gryffin's past. Cronus is the priority but I keep getting pulled back into Gryffin's history. Gryffin says or does something in the current book and I find myself flipping screens into his past to figure out what he said or did that thing :)


Maybe I'm just delaying having to make a difficult decision about two of my characters in Book 4. I need to put them through a difficult situation and I really don't want to. The problem is, the story needs this situation to happen for later events to make sense. I'm attached to all my characters - even the not so likeable ones - and hate having to make things difficult for them. 


I'll have to give myself a stern talking to, have a stiff drink, and just get on with it! Apologies to those characters in advance...




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