New Narrator AND New Book!

I'm super excited to say I've officially chosen a new narrator. Dan Calley is an incredibly talented UK voice artist and producer with years of experience. His audition blew me away from the first listen - especially his voicing for Gryffin. Chaos is scheduled for narrating in the next few weeks - I can't wait to hear it!

Another bit of news - I'll be releasing Mania - book 5 in the Nomad Series, on the 15th January. It's the follow on from the 'how-it-all-began' timeline and will show how Gryffin met Aleena, how he was made High Commander, and how he nearly lost his head as well as loads of other bits on Bray and Avoca. Dan will be recording this too as soon as I've finished final edits etc.

So that'll be two books in 3 months - not too bad if I do say so myself!

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