Chaos audiobook is DONE!

Exactly one week since he started recording, Dan has finished Chaos it's on its way to ACX (Audible) for quality checking. I've had so much fun listening to the chapters as they've come through. Each voice is distinctive and I got completely engrossed in his narration even though I knew what was going to happen 😜! It was a tricky one to voice as Gryffin and Bray are kids at the start and in their mid/late twenties by the end of this book but he handled it really well.

I'll post a sample once I get it organised.

Dan is ready to get stuck into book 5 in the next few weeks. I just need to give it a (another) final read through. I'm not good at saying goodbye. Bit scary declaring the book finished. I guess you have to let them grow up and head off on their own at some stage...

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