Broken Rock IS OUT

Release Day Broken Rock is out in the big bad world (ebook, paperback, and audiobook). I'm off to have a celebratory coffee!

Irish rockstar Tate Archer thought his ugly past was behind him. So when an anonymous tormentor sends him cryptic messages about his forgotten childhood, the haunted frontman turns to hard drugs to cope with the residual trauma. But after his release from rehab, he can’t help but wonder if the perfect prescription is the beautiful stranger he meets on the beach.

Chloe Quinn prefers things uncomplicated. So she isn’t looking for anything serious when she draws close to a handsome guy who helps fix her car. But just as she’s falling for her new seaside squeeze, she feels betrayed when she learns he’s actually a troubled famous singer.

As the messages draw him deeper into his past, Tate finds the siren call of booze and narcotics nearly impossible to resist. And with his reputation spiraling downward, Chloe fears she’ll lose him to old habits as someone seems intent on not only destroying his career, but his life too.

Will Tate and Chloe hit their harmony, or is this duet just not meant to be?

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