Broken Rock is DONE

It's been an intense, strangely emotional few months. This book and I have been through a lot together but we made it out the other side in one piece (more or less). I packed it off to Dan last night for narration and he's planning to have a few chapters for me to approve later this week. I can't wait to hear it!

Tate's book has been a massive leap out of my comfort zone - I'm used to dealing with a moody cyborg in space. Everyone in this book is human - no cyborgs or vampires. Bit strange! Instead of a battleship in space, it's set in Co. Wicklow in Ireland. It's where I grew up and where I still visit as often as I can. I've been to all the places Tate goes so it's very personal. In keeping with the genre I've gone all out with the sex scenes - MASSIVE thank you Jen for making sure I didn't hold back in those scenes. This is the part that had me arguing loudly with my characters. Picturing what they're doing is one thing. Getting it on paper the way you see it is a whole other thing .

Time for a quick celebratory drink (it's 9am so I'm sticking to lemonade for now) then back to my moody cyborg.

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