Another new series coming...

Not quite sure where this came from, but I'm nearly finished another book. No cyborgs or vampires in this one - just humans! Bit of a change but it had to be done sooner or later. It is a dark romance and (as with most of my main characters) the lead is a little damaged. He's like the human version of Gryffin - but less volatile!

This particular character has 'existed' as long as Gryffin but didn't have his own full story until the last few weeks. Now he has it. This is the fastest I've written a book - two weeks and 60k words done. At this rate his book will be finished in the next few weeks.

The other part I'm excited about is that the incredible Jonny James will be on the cover (thanks to photographer Wander Aguiar). He absolutely matches the image of the character I had in my head so I'm more than a little happy about this (slight understatement). I'm keeping the photo to myself until the cover is done. I'm just finalising the name of the book and the series then the cover can be designed.

So, 2021 could see a few releases: Mania (Nomad Series #5) - will be released on the 15th January Breaking Phoenix (Blackjacks #1) finished and heading off for beta reading soon This new book Cronus (Nomad Series #6) 120k words done so I'm nearly there - might be 2022 with this one. I haven't decided yet.

I think I found my writing mojo again

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