Sticky situations...

You spend days, weeks, years bringing them to life. Nurturing them. Getting to know what makes them tick. What drives their actions and their emotions. You'd think after all that time together you would build a relationship of sorts. Have each other's backs.

But it seems that's not the case.

In my latest book, Gryffin is in a particularly difficult situation - personally and physically - and instead of trying to help me figure a way to get him out of it, he's doing nothing. Fair enough, I may have had a hand in putting him in this situation but is it too much to ask for a little help? He's just sitting in the captain's seat on the Command Deck of Ares, responding to each of my resolutions with his trademark glare, while not offering a counter solution of his own!

It's probably my own fault. He's only such a dark person because of me. I wrote him as a stubborn, argumentative, no nonsense, no compromise, mercenary (and that's without even mentioning the cyborg 'thing'!) I should expect complete lack of cooperation at every turn.

So, tonight I will try yet again to get him out of this mess I put him in. There's a lot riding on how he deals with it and his decision will decide his future along with that of the Nomad (and the path of book 5).

Desyl pauses and stares over at him. ‘So, what now, sir?’ Gryffin grimaces. ‘Now I have to tell the others what I’m going to do.’ ‘They’re not going to like it, sir. Hell, I don’t like it and I’ve had longer to get used to the idea. You’ll be facing a fair bit of resistance if you do go ahead with this.’ ‘If you can think of a better idea I’ll go with that instead.’ Desyl grimaces and looks away. ‘That’s the problem. I guess you better call a meeting.’

The easiest solution would be to not put him in the situation in the first place and come up with a 'nicer' alternative... but where's the fun in that!

Wish me luck :)

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