Cronus surpassed 100k words!

Things have been a little crazy lately thanks to moving back to Ireland but I'm still finding a little time every day to spend with Gryffin and the gang. The word count on Cronus is 102K and the 'how it all began' for Gryffin and Bray is heading towards 30k.

There are another two books in the works which I'm really excited about but I'll keep them to myself until they're looking a little healthier.

In the meantime, here's a small (unedited) snippet from tonight's session. Gryffin has some tough decisions to make...

Gryffin gets up and has to hold on to the back of his chair as the room spins. ‘Damn it Terra. I don’t want to live like this.’ ‘But you want to live with more mods?’ ‘I don’t want that either, but at least that way I’ll be good for something.’ She hurries over to him and grabs a fistful of his shirt. ‘You’re good for something now. You don’t need to do this to help defeat the Foundation.’ He wipes the tears from her face, hating that he’s the reason they’re there in the first place. ‘I want what’s left of my life to mean something.’ ‘But it-’ He steps back from her. ‘Look at me, Terra. I’ve been on borrowed time since Rayde found me. The implant in my head should have killed me years ago. I need to finish this. I need to have a hand in fighting the Foundation before…’ he stops himself a little too late. ‘Before you die.’ ‘Yes. You’re not an idiot, Terra. Can you honestly look at me and say I’m okay?’ Terra looks away from him which is all the answer he needs. Gryffin takes her chin in his hand and turns her face towards him. ‘I’d hate myself if I was in a stasis pod being put back together while everyone I give a damn about is being killed by the people who did this to me in the first place.’

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