An afternoon with Garvan

I added another 1115 words to the tally for Cronus today. I spent some time with the suave Garvan who, even in a sticky situation, still makes me smile.

The continued lack of response finally gets to One. He stands up and beats his fist against the panel at the side of the bars. ‘Answer me!’ Garvan slowly sits up, a big grin on his face. ‘Oh, hey Harvey. How long have you been there?’ One hits the panel again. ‘You will respect me!’ Garvan gets to his feet and crosses his cell. He rests one hand against the wall, keeping the other pressed to his wounded side. ‘Ah come now, Harvey. You can’t really expect me to respect you? Hell, I don’t even like you.’ ‘Who is the other man in the footage with you?’ ‘You’re not jealous I’m spending time with someone else, are you?’ One turns his back on the cell as he composes himself. He cannot let Garvan know he’s getting to him. He turns back, irritated by the large grin on the prisoner’s face. ‘Is everything a joke to you?’ Garvan shrugs. ‘Just trying to make the best of a bad situation.’ Harvey laughs and shakes his head. ‘You’re right, old friend. You are in a bad situation. Perhaps it can be improved by telling me what I need to know.’ Garvan makes a face. ‘Where’s the fun in that. Besides, you said you can find the details all by your lonesome. I’m not going to take that from you.’ Harvey steps closer to the bars and sneers up at Garvan. ‘In spite of your best efforts, your injury is healing. Tomorrow I will take great pleasure in watching you take the first steps towards a new and more useful existence.’ ‘Do whatever you have to, mate. Make me stronger. Make me more resilient. I’ll use it all to destroy you.’ ‘You really think you’ll have a say in what happens to you? I will own you.’ Garvan shrugs again. ‘Did you say the same to Gryffin when you were doing your worst to him? Didn’t end too well for you there.'

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