Revised new book idea!

A few weeks ago I said that I was writing a book about how Gryffin... well, became Gryffin. I've just had a 'light bulb going on in head' moment! (Actual footage of moment below)

I'm writing Cronus at the same time and - if you've read the other books in the series - you know that I like to take the story from different viewpoints.

Gryffin's story was a little short on that so I've decided that he can share the book with his little brother. He's not usually one for sharing but I'm not giving him much option. Both Gryffin and Bray had very traumatic childhoods because of what the Foundation did so it's only fair I explore what happened to each of them as a result.

So, as well as answering a lot of the questions that surround Gryffin, I'll also look at Bray's past in closer detail as each stage:

What was life like for Bray after his brother disappeared?

How did he end up living with Morgan, Shayla and Erin?

What did he do to warrant his relatives disowning him?

What did he do to earn a place in Tyrat prison?

How did West get him out?

How did he earn a place on the Hunter crew with Sayber?

I'm a little ahead of myself when it comes to Bray's story. I actually wrote a lot of this when I was finishing Perses. The initial draft had a lot of flash back scenes, but my team of beta readers thought it was a little jarring to keep jumping between the past and the present so I took these scenes out.

So, that's another 7738 words added to the word count. At this rate I'll have wrapped up this extra book before I finish Cronus!

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