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I'm still working through book 4, Cronus, and I'm really loving where the story is going. I do have a small problem, however. I've been enticed by another book idea. While working on Cronus, more about Gryffin's past has come to light. A lot of the characters are wondering about what made him the way he is. So, I decided to answer their questions.

I've started working on a book about Gryffin's past - while still writing Cronus of course! It's going to cover from when Rayde found him on the station up to his first meeting with Infinity at the start of book 1. I'm really excited about this because I don't know many of the details myself so it's going to be interesting to figure out. I've got loads of questions that need to be answered - no doubt I'll find more as his past unravels.

What was it like for him growing up with the Nomad on Ares?

How did Rayde and the Nomad fix him after they found him?

What did Rayde do to him to turn him from the scared child into the infamous captain?

What happened between Gryffin and Sayber to make Sayber leave and start the Hunters - after nearly taking off Gryffin's head!

What did Aleena say or do to convince Gryffin not to raid Ultar as he originally planned?

Why did he move from raiding to offering protection?

What did he do to turn Rayde against him?

I've also got a few pages written for Bray's past. Who knows - I might get inspired by all the characters and do a small 'past' piece on each!

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