New review for Ares!

Seeing this new review for Ares on Audible - not a bad start to the day :)

4 stars! "Love Gryffin"

KA Finn has created a richly detailed and complex futuristic earth society. Gryffin was kidnapped and subjected to horrific procedures as a child that turn him into a cyborg. Raid saved Gryffin and made him a Nomad and, eventually, captain over the entire Nomad band. His life was good...until he saved Terra. There is an undeniable connection between the two that neither can ignore. But Terra is Foundation. Gryffin hates Foundation. And getting involved with Terra has brought him to the attention of the Foundation again. Add to this some convoluted family relationships and you have a very engrossing listen. I was totally invested in this book. I loved Gryffin and was rooting for him the entire way. Milla, Chase, Roman, and Elena are all deeply drawn and believable characters. This is a long listen and I did not want my commute to stop so I could continue to listen. I listened at work which I don't normally allow myself to do. Keith Michaelson IS Gryffin and yet also does an excellent job with all the other voices, too. It is amazing to listen to him. I will look for other listens from him and am now listening to Nemesis, the second book in the series. I received this listen for free from Audiobook Boom! in exchange for an honest review.

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