I've started Book 4!!!

Perses - Book 3 - has gone off to my beta readers for a second read. I cut the word count from 65k to just shy of 43k. Most of those words involved some new characters. Based on my reader's advice, I cut these characters from Book 3. I couldn't give them the time they deserved so they've been moved to the next book.

I'm really excited about these new characters. There's a little crazy so add an interesting edge to the story.

I did plan to put my feet up and relax for the next few weeks while Perses is being picked apart, but I seem to have changed my mind today. I've spent the morning writing Book 4. I've got 33k done already. Not a bad start considering Book 3 isn't even out yet.

As usual, I'm blaming my characters for this take over :)

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