Missing in action!

Apologies for disappearing for a bit. I've been working non stop on Perses and some new marketing/promotional ideas for the ebook and audiobook - exciting stuff! These will launch in the coming weeks once Perses is wrapped up and I have time to concentrate on it.

Perses more or less survived the first beta read. After a lot of thought, I decided to take my readers' advice and make a drastic change. The book is going to be under 50k words. It's actually a good thing. I had tocut a few of the storylines, but these have now moved to the next book. Thanks to that, I have nearly 30k words written for book 4 already - not a bad start! It also means I get to develop a few new characters I might not have had time for otherwise. Definitely a win win for everyone!

The cover and back cover blurb have also been finalised so I'll release those in a few weeks.

There'll also be a new website and facebook page. Unfortunately this page isn't working as it should so I have to start again - ouch! I hope people who have liked this page will do the same for the new one once it's ready :) I'll post the links when I'm happy with the look of the page/site.

Keep posted for updates. I promise Bray and Garvan's adventure will be worth waiting for :)

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