Perses progress

Not a bad writing day today. I managed 1680 bringing the total to just under 38k. I did have a shaky start. About 500 words I wrote the last day decided to vanish off the face of the planet. I back up everything but for some reason an entire scene decided it no longer wanted to be part of the book.

So, after a lot of searching through files in denial, followed by some cursing as acceptance started to hit, topped off with serious glaring at the screen, I finally rewrote the scene. It actually turned out better than the first draft. Guess everything happens for a reason! I’d really prefer if it didn’t happen again – I can do without the horrible sinking feeling.

Everything I wrote today was for Perses but I did reread my book 4 scenes to soothe my ‘Gryffin addiction’. The more I write for Perses, the more ideas I get for book 4. I’ve got a thick notebook on my desk full of (illegible!) scribbles for scenes, dialogue or random ideas. I know where I want book 4 to start but I just need to figure out how to get there in book 3.

I did have a big epiphany moment last night so I think I may have it all figured out. I probably won’t know for sure if it works until I actually sit down and get it on the screen – tomorrow’s job! Keep your fingers crossed everything slots in to place neatly (I know I am!)

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