Perses progress - day 7

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything – both on the site and on Perses. I was away for a few weeks and struggled to get back in to it. I also had another mammoth task to complete – totally unrelated to the book. It was my brother’s 30th so I wanted to make him something special. It took me 3 months and 39k stitches, but I finally finished the Deadpool cross stitch (and yeah, it was a bit late for his birthday too!) I seriously underestimated how long it would take. Pretty chuffed with the end result!

Now, back to Perses. I only managed 750 words which brings the total to 35.574. I did plan to write more but I went off course a little. For some reason a scene from Book 4 kept popping in to my head so I had to get it down on paper first. It’s a seriously life changing scene both for Gryffin, and for Gryffin and Terra as a couple so it was a bit difficult to write. I think my brain was having a bit of Gryffin withdrawal – that’s why it forced me to write that scene. It’s 538 words so makes my word count a little healthier – doesn’t help Perses much though!

I’ll leave Book 4 alone until Perses is done. I’m really enjoying focusing on other characters than Gryffin – as long as I satisfy my Gryffin addiction regularly I should be fine! Bray and Garvan are turning into quite the team. I’m really stating to love Garvan. He’s taken on a big personality – much bigger than I planned when Bray rescued him from the prison. He’s Bray’s wingman – his kick in the backside when he needs it. He’s defiantly moved into the main character section and is here to stay.

Rua and Sayber are also taking on different roles to the initial ‘plan’. Actually, all the characters are taking on a life of their own, which is brilliant. I don’t really have to think too hard about how they act or what they would say – it happens automatically. Their story is developing like that too. I have a plan but it’s like they read it and say ‘Nah, we want it this way instead’ and I just go along with it. That’s why I LOVE doing what I do. Each time I sit down in front of the computer I haven’t got the foggiest idea what’s going to happen, where I’m going to go, or who I’m going with. I just sit back and enjoy the ride!


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