Keith Michaelson talking about narration

When I (finally) made the decision to publish Ares last year, I knew I wanted it available as an ebook, paperback and an audiobook. So, I posted an excerpt on ACX’s website and waited to see if I got any bites. A few days later, while waiting in the airport for a flight to Ireland, I got an email from ACX saying I had my first audition. Ignoring the strange looks from my louder than intended ‘wohoo’, I plugged in my headphones and (after plucking up the courage) started the recording from Keith Michaelson. After a few sentences I knew this was the narrator I wanted to work with (and that I really wanted to hear the rest of my book!)

Ares attracted a few more auditions – each of which were amazing, but they didn’t have a chance – the first audition had hooked me.

Nearly a year on, and I’m lucky to be working with Keith on the second book. Anyone who has listened to Ares knows how much work Keith puts in to his narration – sorry, performance – giving each character their own unique voice. I’ve only heard a few chapters from Nemesis, but any new characters are again given different voices. I’ve got a lot of characters in my books with more to come – hopefully Keith won’t run out of new voices!

Below is a video Keith recorded where he talks about narrating the (first) two books in my Nomad Series. A few of his ‘voices’ make an appearance in the video – just watch it and you’ll see what I mean

I hope you enjoy the video. If you want to hear Keith in action, check out an excerpt from Ares in my excerpts section

I’ll keep you posted on his progress with the audiobook version of Nemesis

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